Monday, 1 August 2011

Friends or Foe

Friends will:

be there for you in times of need
pick you up when you fall,
reply to messages you might send
and sometimes give you a call.

Make you smile when you’re feeling low,
give you a helping hand
listen to you, offer advice
and pull your head from the sand.

Friends won’t:

forget you in your times of need,
let you fall to the ground
ignore the things you want to say
and make you feel like you’ve drowned.

Make you cry and feel at a loss
selfishly turn their back,
give you no time but heartache and pain
that make you go off track

Friends should be like a plank of wood
sturdy, supportive and strong,
make you feel good when you do things right
and guide you when you are wrong.


  1. Not only a adorable picture but the words ring loud and clear.

  2. Thanks, yes I find the picture quite comforting...

  3. Came back to give you a hug. ((((Paola))))

  4. Thank you so much! Hugs back at ya (((JBR)))