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A rose bush of issues

Last year, when I was having weekly counselling sessions, I drew a little sketch to illustrate some of my issues. I realised that most of my problems are a result of the core issue: CSA. Counselling enabled me to work through some of my issues and grow in confidence like a blooming rose.

When I wrote about these issues last year, I realised that some triggers were making me feel the same way that I did as a child. As I started to feel more confident, I realised that I didn’t deserve to feel that way. The last statement before each rose includes the word ‘deserve’, these are the statements I wrote:  
I’m not to blame and I deserve respectI will succeed and deserve successI deserve to feel comfortable and welcome
As a result of counselling, I have higher self-esteem and I have seen a change in myself, however, I have learnt that I cannot change other people. I find it terribly sad when I meet people who lack empathy and are unable to imagine how someone else might be feeling. I would li…