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My latest published poetry

I'm very excited about the latest anthology in which my work has been published. The title is "Journey to Crone" an anthology by UK publisher Chuffed Buff books. My poems "Venomous Vase" and "Life through My Eyes" are included in this book.

I feel honoured to be included in this book by women and about women that was released for International Women's Day. I'm also very happy that my poem "Venomous Vase" was selected as this poem is related to my past. I must admit that I don't write much poetry about that time in my life any more, which I hope is a good thing.

The book is available globally through Amazon
or via the publisher's website

Book description:

Celebrating women, this collection of 108 poems by 80 women explores the theme of maiden, mother and crone. It highlights the many personal aspects of womanhood and offers fresh and thought provoking perspectives on what it means to be female.