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Published by Survivors' Poetry

I am honoured and very proud to have been published by Survivors' Poetry in their Poetry Express Magazine. The six poems that were selected are very poignant because I wrote them last Spring when I faced new difficulties related to my past. I had to let out my feelings and emotions and, as I have done in the past, I used poetry as a release.

About Survivors' Poetry, taken from their website:
Survivors’ Poetry is a national charity established in 1991 which promotes the writing of survivors of mental distress. A Survivor may be a person with a current or past experience of psychiatric hospitals, ECT, tranquillisers or other medication, a user of counselling services, a survivor of sexual abuse, child abuse and any other person who has empathy with the experiences of survivors.Here is a link to edition 44 of the magazine featuring my poems on pages 36 and 37: