Sunday, 10 March 2013

How the news can trigger

I feel the need to write a post today due to the injustice that continues to happen in the world. The recent UK scandal involving Jimmy Savile is sickening, not only the way he abused his power and took advantage of vulnerable children, but also the fact that many people turned a blind eye. I believe that anyone who knows of abuse taking place but doesn’t intervene, should also be blamed for the wrongdoing; they are accomplices in a crime. My aunt, for example, knew I was abused but let it continue year after year. I blame her for not having the courage to confront her brother or report him.

I really feel for the hundreds of people who were abused by Savile years ago but I admire their strength for coming forward. I only hope that they are compensated with the earnings that the criminal didn’t deserve. I also respect Savile’s family for removing his gravestone. In turn, it has made me angry to think that some of my family paid for a headstone for my abuser. I do not believe he, or any paedophile for that matter, deserves any commemoration for a life of crime and abuse.

The cover-ups within religious establishments are equally disturbing. The Catholic Church seems to think it is acceptable to move a priest, who is an alleged paedophile, to another congregation. These paedophiles will strike again and should be removed completely from the church. The problem is the Vatican’s ignorance and the power that it has over the entire Catholic Church. My police case, for example, was not deemed valid in Italian Law, as I was over the age of 18 when I reported the crime. I believe that the Vatican implemented that law as another way of covering up abuse in Italy. If the crime had taken place in the UK, I probably would have had a valid case.

There have been similar cover-ups in the Jehovah Witness religion. They have a secret paedophile database of over 23,000 files, which identify ordained ministers of JW, currently serving in churches. This religion also believes that sexually abused children should remain silent, and members of the cult who speak out about abuse are shunned.

People are entitled to their own religious views, I have my own, but I will certainly not associate myself with any religion. How could I have anything to do with religions that believe in covering up abuse rather than helping people?

Upon reading various news headlines, I’m often triggered and have new or old memories. I’ve tried to highlight this by including my own experiences in this post. I’m also trying to reach out to survivors and assure them that they are not alone.