Thursday, 17 March 2011

Water lilies of the world

Are all people in the world equal?

I believe that everyone was created with the same pair of hands or potter's wheel. We are all the same in my eyes and I think in the eyes of God. I believe that everyone’s special. It’s individuals who make their own assumptions about who’s special and who’s not.

Everyone’s equal as everyone’s been given one thing that they have in common- a life. How people choose to live the special life they’ve been given is up to them.

Everyone can do whatever they want in life no matter where they were born or how bad their childhood was. I think that even physical disability can’t hold people back.

People are not all equal in their size, race, religion, intelligence but I think that this does not preclude people from treating others with kindness and respect.

Why do some people think they are superior to others?

I feel that it usually boils down to insecurity or something that they are lacking. Giving off an air of superiority or trying to put people down will boost their own self-esteem. From my observations, people try to cover up insecurity by being fake in order to gain popularity or continually boasting about achievements as though in a competition.

My philosophy

In this world, we are all like water lilies in a pond.
A lily can remain in a pond for life or broaden its horizons by experiencing life on a lake or river. Lilies aren’t exactly the same shape or colour however, they are the same plant. What a lily should remember is that it might reach a river but one day it might float back or drown in a pond. Lilies should be nice to others along the way as they might meet them on the way back.

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