Thursday, 5 May 2011

Chased by an alter

As stated in my previous post, I’ve been having issues lately with one of my alters. Last night I had one of the weirdest dreams ever. I was being chased by a lady who appeared to be wearing my green jersey dress. She was partly exposed and kept provoking me, when she got close up she hurt me in such a way I can’t describe but I knew that she had bad intentions. What was strange was that I remember being in the dream and desperately trying to wake myself up by moving my body frantically. I eventually appeared to wake up but then I was in another dream!

Upon researching chase dreams I discovered that actions in the dream parallel how I would respond to stress and fears in my waking life. The dream indicates that I have a tendency to run away and avoid issues. The research suggests that I ask myself who is chasing me so that I can gain a better understanding on the source of my fears and anxieties. Apparently, the pursuer may represent an aspect of myself.

The following day when I remembered the dream and tried analysing it, I realised that the woman in the green dress was my naughty alter. She was wearing something she’d never wear and in fact it’s an item of clothing I associate with my other alter who looks out for me. She was probably provoking me because I’ve recently been trying to suppress her and bring the other alter to the surface. I think that I feel threatened by her because she gets out of control and she’s probably scared off other people too. I need to try to calm her down and show her love as I’ve realised that working against her will only make things worse. It was very strange seeing her in the dream, which must be how other people see me when she takes control.